TPLO Surgery & Dog Knee Surgery in Westlake, TX

TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) has come to be one of the most common surgeries performed by Westlake TPLO veterinary surgeons. Once considered to be radical, the surgery is very effective for treating cruciate ligament injury in dogs. The results are long lasting.

In the past when Westlake TPLO dog surgery was needed a referral for a veterinary hospital to have the surgery performed would need to be obtained. At times, pet owners would travel long distances because there was not a provider nearby. Mobile Vet Specialist is changing the face of Westlake dog CCL surgery.

MVS is a fairly new concept providing state of the art specialty surgical care for pets in the comfort of their own veterinary hospital. The structure of MVS allows us to pass savings onto you while providing the highest quality standards of care.

Our veterinary surgeons Westlake TX are board certified experienced veterinary surgeons. The utmost care and compassion is given to you and your pet. We realize the deep attachment to pets. Our Westlake TPLO veterinary surgeons have pets as well. We treat your dog as we would treat our own.

Westlake dog ACL surgery has proven itself to be effective in treating dogs with cruciate ligament injury. It completely alters the dynamics of the knee eliminating altogether the need for the injured ligament so that your dog may use the leg again. Many dogs have quickly began to use their leg after the procedure.

If your veterinarian has recommended dog knee surgery contact MVS. Our Westlake TPLO veterinary surgeons will perform a consultation over the phone to make sure your dog is a good candidate for mobile surgery. MVS provides all the necessary medical supplies, thorough surgical report, and post-op instruction. Your veterinarian provides the surgical suite, pain medication, and anesthesia.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding your dog’s health.


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