Dog Leg Assessment Videos

Track the recovery of your pet below.
Below is an assortment of videos displaying below average, average, and above average limb use following TPLO. Due to many variabilities, all pets will recover at a different rate. If you feel that your pet is not using the limb appropriately, please reach out to your veterinary surgeon.

Day 1

Above Average -

Day 3

Above Average -

Day 5

Average -

Day 7

Average -

Day 14

Above Average -

Week 3

Average -

Week 4

Average -

Week 5

Average -

Week 6

Average -

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"The surgery went smoothly, with Dr. Might calling me throughout the day with detailed updates. Within 48 hours, the bandages & pain were gone. Now he is moving around better than he was pre-TPLO!"


"It's Comforting to know that our pets can get specialty care at a familiar place and for a more affordable cost."

-Lee Kinser

"Our 9-year-old Lab-Pit mix underwent TPLO surgery and she did not suffer at all. Whatever you are doing, keep it up! She is doing great!"


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