Georgetown Veterinary Surgery

Learning that your pet needs Georgetown veterinary surgery can be a scary feeling. You love your pet just like family, but you may be worried about what a surgery means physically for your pet and financially for you. Thankfully, Austin Mobile Vet makes quality orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries affordable for pet owners.

What We Do

Our role is to provide surgery at various clinics across the area at a reasonable cost. If your pet requires surgery, talk to your veterinarian about having our veterinary surgeons in Georgetown TX come to their location to perform the procedure. Our surgeons are highly skilled and qualified, receiving years of education and hands-on experience in veterinary medicine.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Your Pet’s Care

If your veterinarian does not utilize our mobile vet services at their office, talk to us about the various clinics where we perform Georgetown veterinary surgery. We work with a number of clinics in the area that accommodate our mobile services. The benefits to selecting us for your pet’s care are:

  • Caring, compassionate Georgetown veterinary surgeons
  • Affordable prices
  • Advanced technology
  • Minimally invasive procedures
  • Personalized care
  • Superior working environment
  • Convenience and flexibility

Friendly, Supportive Services

When your four-legged friend is in our care, they will receive patience and compassion from our veterinary surgeons in Georgetown TX. We know how important pets are to their owners. We have them, too, and they are just like family! We do everything in our power to keep your pet relaxed before and after veterinary surgery in Georgetown TX.

If you recently learned that your pet requires surgery, contact Austin Mobile Vet to see how we can help. With our qualified surgeons and minimally invasive Georgetown veterinary surgery, you can improve the quality of life for your pet as soon as possible.


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