TPLO Surgery & Dog Knee Surgery in Bee Cave, TX

Once thought to be a radical procedure, TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) surgery has become one of the most popular surgeries done on dogs who have torn their ACL ligament. The Bee Cave TPLO surgeons at Mobile Veterinary Specialist specialize in performing this surgery to repair and restore the stability of the knee.

About Us

Mobile Veterinary Service (MVS) bridges the gap between your primary veterinary care and veterinary hospitals. In most cases, if a dog is in need of Bee Cave TPLO veterinary surgery it is probable a recommendation to a specialty veterinary hospital will be made. Meeting and trusting new staff with a pet is not only difficult for the owner but stressful for the dog as well.

This is where Mobile Veterinary Specialist comes in. We come to your primary vet office to provide the surgery. We provide all surgical supplies, surgery report, and instructions for post-op care. Your primary veterinarian provides the surgical suite, pain medication, and anesthesia.

Our Team

Bee Cave TPLO veterinary surgeons are board certified and trained to perform advanced surgical techniques. We are Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. This title is reserved for those veterinarians who have successful completed the certification requirements to become a board certified veterinary surgeon.

Bee Cave dog CCL surgery is performed by compassionate surgeons. We realize pets are part of the family and we are committed to improving the quality of their life. For reassurance, you will always have direct communication with our surgeons before, during, and after Bee Cave dog ACL surgery.


You may be thinking that a mobile veterinary service will be expensive. Think again. We are committed to providing quality care affordably. We are currently the lowest priced Bee Cave TPLO surgeons.

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