Pflugerville Dog Knee Surgery CCL ACL Surgeons

If your dog has been struggling with arthritis in the knee, their doctor may recommend Pflugerville dog knee surgery. In some cases, knee surgery is the best option to alleviate pain, discomfort and disability in the knee.

Luckily, today’s pet owners have a second option available to them: Mobile Veterinary Specialist. We provide surgical procedures like dog knee surgery Pflugerville in the comfort and convenience of your vet’s office.

What are the Benefits to Choosing Mobile Veterinary Specialist?

Imagine the benefits that both you and your pet will feel when choosing our dog CCL surgeons Pflugerville TX:

  • Familiarity of the surroundings
  • Comfortable with staff
  • No traveling to a referral hospital
  • Dog ACL surgeons Pflugerville TX provide all necessary supplies
  • Instructions provided for post-op care
  • Surgeons are board certified
  • Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons

Quality Care at an Affordable Cost

We understand that scheduling Pflugerville dog knee surgery can be difficult, especially since your dog will require several weeks of downtime and possibly rehabilitative care. Any way that we can make the procedure more convenient for you is our goal. At the same time, we don’t feel that you should pay more to have these amenities.

Our dog CCL surgeons Pflugerville TX have made it a priority to be an affordable alternative to traditional referral hospitals. Our procedures are right in line with others of its kind, and you don’t have to travel or take your pet to a new place. Also, our surgeons are board certified, which not all are.

Prior to surgery, we will do a pre-surgical consultation to ensure that a mobile procedure is safe for your pet. All pets receive the patience and compassion they deserve in a setting that is familiar and comfortable to them. To learn more about our mobile Pflugerville dog knee surgery, please contact MVS today.


"The surgery went smoothly, with Dr. Might calling me throughout the day with detailed updates. Within 48 hours, the bandages & pain were gone. Now he is moving around better than he was pre-TPLO!"


"It's Comforting to know that our pets can get specialty care at a familiar place and for a more affordable cost."

-Lee Kinser

"Our 9-year-old Lab-Pit mix underwent TPLO surgery and she did not suffer at all. Whatever you are doing, keep it up! She is doing great!"


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