TPLO Surgery & Dog Knee Surgery in Austin, TX

Finding out that your beloved pet requires Austin dog knee surgery is an overwhelming feeling. You probably have a lot of questions. How much will the procedure cost? What is the success rate? How long do you have to keep your dog quiet for? These are valid questions, but rest assured that knee injuries are very common in dogs, and surgery is very effective.

Bridging the Gap Between Primary Vets and Referral Hospitals

If you’ve ever had a pet that required surgery before, you know how difficult it can be to find a knee surgery vet in Austin TX. Most pet owners have to travel long distances to the nearest referral vet hospital, and dealing with a new facility and new staff can be traumatic for both the owner and the pet. Mobile Veterinary Specialist is bridging the gap between primary veterinary care and referral veterinary hospitals.

What We Do

MVS provides surgical procedures such as Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) that repairs torn CCLs and ACLs in dogs. Yet rather than providing these orthopedic surgeries in a separate hospital, we come to your veterinarian to perform the Austin dog knee surgery. This means that you and your pet don’t have to go far to have the surgery done, and you both remain in the same familiar environment, easing stress and anxiety.
Affordability and Quality Care

What about the cost? Many people think that a knee surgery vet in Austin TX from MVS would be out of reach because of the convenience, but that’s not the case at all. In fact, it’s our priority to make surgical procedures affordable without compromising safety or quality. Our Austin TX dog orthopedic surgeons are board certified and have received extensive training in advanced surgical techniques.

As pet owners, we all hope that our animals live long, healthy lives. But, it’s common for issues to pop up along the way, especially orthopedic issues involving the CCL or ACL. If it’s found that your dog requires Austin dog knee surgery, please contact MVS. Our prices are affordable, our services are convenient and our surgeons are board certified.


"The surgery went smoothly, with Dr. Might calling me throughout the day with detailed updates. Within 48 hours, the bandages & pain were gone. Now he is moving around better than he was pre-TPLO!"


"It's Comforting to know that our pets can get specialty care at a familiar place and for a more affordable cost."

-Lee Kinser

"Our 9-year-old Lab-Pit mix underwent TPLO surgery and she did not suffer at all. Whatever you are doing, keep it up! She is doing great!"


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