Austin Dog Knee Surgery Surgeons

If it’s determined that your dog requires knee surgery, your next route is to find Austin dog knee surgery surgeons through a referral veterinary hospital. As if you didn’t have enough on your mind already, now you have to go through your available options while balancing cost, experience and convenience. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a better option? Fortunately, there is.

Mobile Veterinary Specialist provides surgical procedures that are done in the comfort and convenience of your vet’s office. ACL and CCL injuries are very common in dogs, so if it’s found that your pet requires Austin TX dog CCL surgery, you may suggest our services rather than going to a referral veterinary hospital. We bring everything that is needed for the specialty surgery, including:

  • Surgical instruments, implants, and supplies
  • Surgery report
  • Post-op instructions

Your vet’s office will provide the surgical suite, pain medication, anesthesia and anesthesia technician for the Austin dog ACL surgery.

Benefits to Choosing MVS for Your Pet’s Care

When you choose MVS for your pet’s care, know that you are not swapping convenience for quality. Our dog knee surgery surgeons in Austin TX are board certified and have received extensive training in advanced surgical techniques. The care we offer is state of the art, and we are Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. Additional benefits to choosing our Austin dog knee surgery surgeons are

  • Convenience
  • Affordability
  • Familiar environment and staff
  • Compassion and excellence
  • Over 2,000 surgeries performed
  • Trained, experienced board certified surgeons
  • State-of-the-art surgical procedures

Affordable, Pet-Friendly Options

No one plans on needing dog knee surgery surgeons in Austin TX, but do understand that CCL and ACL injuries are extremely common in dogs. Thanks to MVS, it’s now more feasible and cost effective than ever before to have an orthopedic surgery done, and you don’t have to uproot your pet to a new location with new staff.

For more information regarding knee surgery, please contact our Austin dog knee surgery surgeons. We are here for you!


"The surgery went smoothly, with Dr. Might calling me throughout the day with detailed updates. Within 48 hours, the bandages & pain were gone. Now he is moving around better than he was pre-TPLO!"


"It's Comforting to know that our pets can get specialty care at a familiar place and for a more affordable cost."

-Lee Kinser

"Our 9-year-old Lab-Pit mix underwent TPLO surgery and she did not suffer at all. Whatever you are doing, keep it up! She is doing great!"


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